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Alf, appearantly the USA is the bad guys because "thousands" of people, and you claim they were all women and children, were killed by us? Saddam killed fifty times as many as that in less time and do you think he would give them a trial or lawyer? Most who were killed by us were men shooting and fighting us, and yet you don't like Bush partly because he is against abortions which kill millions AMERICANS every year? Also if someone tried to kill you or your family, yet there was no physical evidence against the person, then according to you, even though still hates you and wants to kill you, you would let him go? I personally care about me more than someone who is trying to kill or hurt me, my family, or fellow Americans. Lock them up to protect the rights of more than just one person.
People voted for Bush in 2000 for him to become President, not the Supreme Court, and I hope he wins again in 2004 because I'll feel safer knowing he is the Commander of our forces and leading this country.
I know you have a RIGHT to say and voice your opinion like you do, but why don't you try living in Iran or somewhere else in the Middle East becase what you have just said would get you killed (without a lawyer or going to court), and yet your blasting away at Bush for trying to give someone else the same rights as you? If you want, my best buddy went into the Marines and was in the first line that went through Iraq, and was the front lines that went into Baghdad. Since then he has been all over Iraq. I can let you talk to him to find out what it was really like over there and if we should have gone in or not. Until then, say all of your meritless bullcrap you want and be happy you have that right because if this country was filled with people like you and we had to fight for our freedoms again, we lose without a doubt.
God Bless America and Bush!

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