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I was hopeful that I had found a forum free from politics....... I enjoy all the post on your problems and success’s. I have learned new methods and about how cattlemen from different parts of the country do things. What works for some not for others. Please let’s leave politics off of here.
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You’re not required to read posts that disturb you. This isn’t CNN.
Please do not discuss politics or religion on these Boards. You won't change anybody's mind, you'll just make them mad.

The rules only apply if Mod2 disagrees with the politics of the post.
I’ve changed my mind numerous times.
Do You still raise corgis ?? We have last of 4 generations. wife interested in red/white
female (like her first). Really like what I've seen of your litters. You have any available on
Wilson Lamar Parmer, DVM
[email protected]
You are getting some really bad advice on sighting in your 25-06. Go to a different forum or better find someone you know that is a good gun guy and have them help you. 2-300 yards is simple and you don’t need any special equipment or scopes but someone to explain it is priceless.
saw your post on thr red river crabgrass.....wondered how it has worked out for you...im in middle tn as well.........thinking of doing the same