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  • Dsth
    Dsth replied to the thread Oil Pressure.
    My first question would be what kind of code reader the service center uses. some smaller shops have code readers that only display...
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    Mrcopier reacted to D2Cat's post in the thread Daily Chuckle with Haha Haha.
  • M
    Mrcopier replied to the thread Dang.... that was hard to do..
    Man I feel your pain. Been there done In some respects I think they are pets
  • T
    Txpiney replied to the thread J&J shot.
    Couldn't pay me enough to get any of the vaccines. I'll let others test it out
  • shaz
    shaz reacted to farmerjan's post in the thread War on beef in the west with Like Like.
    If you do a search for PAUSE - Colorado... it will bring up the bill .... called PAUSE .... and some of it is highlighted. The thought...
  • C
    cfry replied to the thread Dang.... that was hard to do..
    I recently sold my three cows that started my herd in 2005. Those girls made some pretty calves all these years. Never thought it would...
  • S
    I think the whole idea of this protocol is to narrow down the time span that most will be in oestrus to get more reliable timing for the...
  • B
    BFE reacted to jltrent's post in the thread Dang.... that was hard to do. with Like Like.
    Your best cow has a nice bull calf you might continue the legacy. I have one I am keeping that is about 1200 lbs now off from one of...
  • crossbredcalves
    crossbredcalves reacted to gizmom's post in the thread Sale pictures with Love Love.
    G51G25 D39 C16 We have 6 cow calf pairs and 6 bred heifers in the sale we only pictured this group
  • shaz
    shaz replied to the thread Sometimes i deliver.
    I'm sure your son will tell you the food in Japan is a whole lot worse than that soup.
  • B
    Butasha replied to the thread What does an ATV need?.
    We have a couple old Artic Cats and a newer Can Am all three are in the 500 range all 4x4. Can’t imagine buying an ATV, UTV or truck...
  • callmefence
    callmefence replied to the thread Oil Pressure.
    STOP 🛑
  • gherron
    gherron posted the thread Oil Pressure in Beginners Board.
    Took my 2004 Jeep Wrangler to town for service. Shortly after when coming to a stop and idling oil pressure would drop to zero setting...
  • Ky hills
    Ky hills reacted to greybeard's post in the thread Cattle rub fly preventer??? with Like Like.
    The ones I've seen made into insecticide applicators have tiny holes drilled thru the core to allow the insecticide to ooze out and then...
  • shaz
    shaz replied to the thread J&J shot.
    JNJ down 4 bucks per share as of this morning