The curse of......

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Houston should have won it last night. They may have to deplete their bullpen now, unless Clemens pitches an Schilling like game, in order to just get to the series. It would be great to get a world series in Texas, even if it is the Astros!
Hey hey hey now what what you say about the 'stros. It's their time to shine. :lol: :lol: :lol:
sorry folks..


:lol: :lol: :lol:
Think about this. AROD leaves the Mariners = they get better(only a short time). He goes to Texas and they lose, he leaves they get better.(hopefully a long time) He goes to the Yankees who were winning and they lose. I say he is cursed.

Either that or he is such an A** that he brings the whole team down with his attitude.
Astros are gonna win tonight, and they will win next week. Im not much of a baseball fan, but when its my home team playing, I gotta root for them. 'Stros are playing a helluva game so far. I say they will win 3-2 tonight. Watch out Red Sox, the 'Stros are comin!