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Apr 26, 2010
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By no means are any slights intended, I am telling as I heard it…..

A man with a cleft pallet (harelip) walked into a nut store owned by a Jewish man with a big nose.

'How much are your Brazil nuts?' he asked

The Jew replied, '$2.75 per lb.'

'Oh, expensive eh? How much are your cashews?'

' They are $4.29'

'Even more!' The harelip replied. 'How much are your peanuts then?'

'I charge $1.25 for them', said the Jew

The harelip then said, ' I can't afford anything her, I'll look elsewhere. Before I go though, you might have noticed I have a slight speech impediment and I would like to thank you for not making comment or fun of it.'

The Jew replied, ' You're welcome, as you noticed I have a very large nose and you didn't make fun of it either.'

The harelip shouted, 'Nose! Nose! I thought that was your @#$!% your nuts are so high!'
I heard the same, sorta, about a hump backed waitress and customer when he got the bill for his meal.

"Humpback?, Everything else here is so high I thought that was your ***!

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