Should I be getting red or black

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Jul 21, 2014
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Morristown TN
I have a few black Angus cows, I have a Hereford bull. So far this calving season I have gotten three red baldy and one black baldy calf's. This is the first calves for the Hereford bull. Previously had an Angus bull. Should I not be getting all black baldy calves? These are good looking calves but was expecting black.


This one was born yesterday.


Tried to post pictures, hope it works. Thanks
The registered should be black baldy's unless the cow is a carrier of the red gene.

edited to add if your registered cows are potential carriers of the red gene it will be noted on the top left of their papers as RDP.

Caustic Burno":1ovtjwuq said:
rdp58":1ovtjwuq said:
Caustic Burno":1ovtjwuq said:
Are your cows homozygous black?

I don't know. How can I tell?
Are they registered Angus?
If not you have no way of knowing and you will never get the black calf crop you want without a black homozygous bull.

There is a way of knowing.

Spend a couple of dollars on a DNA test. Check out for details.

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