What color would you call this cow?

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Little Joe

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Oct 23, 2019
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N Central Arkansas
My wife and I were debating the color of this cow, she says it's black, I call it brown. She text my son and daughter in law to get their opinion and son says black and daughter in law says brown. When she told daughter in law that I said brown also, daughter in law said she knew she was right since that's what I said. I love that girl. This cow sheds off to a real dark chocolate color, like a chocolate lab. I told wife that she and son are color blind. I pointed to black one we have and said that is black. What would y'all call this color?
Chocolate! Lol. That's what I call em. They're my favorite... hands down.

My understanding with simmentals is it is technically black i think, but it's a mutated dillutor gene. I think a rat tail or a partial rat tail can accompany the color.

She looks like a good one! If ya were near TN I'd ask if ya wanted to sell her.

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