The Demon Cow

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Jun 8, 2019
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East TN
This cow just calved. She's one of my favorite animals to look at, but she absolutely hates me!

I had to bring her very first calf in to warm up back when we were still calving in late winter. When I returned the calf that evening, this Momma chased me out if the field. For the next 11 months we were friends again.

When calf #2 arrived, she hated me again. Get within 20 feet and she's shaking her head.

Calf #4 arrived three days ago. Get within 50 or 75 feet and she's shaking her head. Lol. The way I move animals around it's getting to be a real problem. I think she'd run thru a fence to get me.

Funny thing is, she only has a problem with me. No one else seems to bother her.

She will be leaving here very soon. Hopefully as a 3 n 1 package.

Why do the pretty ones have to be the problems? 😔


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She sounds really tame, we've had some real nasty ones of the years, they're only protecting their babies and I find such cows often have the least health issues and produce good offspring, but each to their own.
Super nice and gentle usually, then I have the issue if one gets unruly, they all seem to follow suit. Only 2 older cows the rest are under 3. Like teens at the icecream shop on a friday night.
Whether she has a calf or not, the last 2 years, she will charge at me if we make eye contact. Lol. With calf, the fight zone just gets wider. I only make eye contact when I've got a way out. She is a damn good momma, yall are correct.

I did keep her bull calf intact last year. He's one of my projects. He's cool as a cucumber.

@kenny thomas I thought you'd like her. May have to do some trading. She's a little under 1/2 Limousin. Mostly Angus with a touch of Gelbveih. She's got a red bull calf at her side right now. Going to eat her daughter this winter if she doesn't drop a calf here soon. One day she looks heavy bred, another she'll look open to me. Brought her home 2 weeks ago, haven't seen her heat yet.

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