That horrible sinking feeling

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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
When you have spent the afternoon yarding and sorting cattle (or in this case goats) and splitting off the ones to be sold tomorrow, and you do one last check on them before going to bed and you realise the sale ones have broken down the gate and mixed in with the keepers.

I have to agree with Keren. Nothing better than watching that one animal (In my case cow) go to the sale barn or freezer :)
Had that happen a few years ago before we had a decent corral system. I had all the steers finally sorted and were ready to load. They managed to lift up the panels and all escape, by then they were way to wild to do anything with that day. Hubby had to go back to work so those buggers got to stay throughout the winter. P'd me off to no end, the amount of hay I went through,,would have been cheaper to shoot them. The following spring we went out and spent some big bucks on a handling facility .. :)
Kinda like when you go up to sort the cattle on the pad only to find out they have broken down the gates and run out into the acres of pasture. Or when you get a call at one in the morning because your cows are on the neighbors lawn...walking a herd of Black Angus back down to the farm through the woods at night is NOT fun.
I know exactly how you feel... last time we loaded up some calves, we had one steer busted right through the gate, and kept on going. He wanted back out with the herd, and we spent an extra 2 hours rounding him up again to get him back in the corral. By the 2nd time around, its harder, cuz they are smarter, and know whats going on.

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