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Jan 2, 2004
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is anyone else having problems with the SAVE! pop up ads when coming to this site? i get like 10 at a time. what gives?
Whoa! There are not supposed to be any popup ads here. Are you sure they are not from a site you just left? If they are from cattletoday.com please let me know exactly what they say. The only popup ad on the whole site is to try to get you to signup for our free newsletter and it is only supposed to popup once a year on the front page.
I have never received any pop-up ads on this site. You're not referring to the ads at the top of the page when you click on a new post are you? Those are supposed to be there and I assume they are helping to offset some of the costs of running the website, and they are alot less encroaching than some sites I get on to sometimes.
My apologies. I seem to have traced the culprit back to the cattle health message board at http://www.cattlepages.com. Thats a relief since i dont go there much anymore. and they usually pop up when i leave. PS i forgot all about hte beginner board and health board here since the totally cool new format arrived, i just remembered to check in on those a day or two ago. happy posting, B
That's the reason I've pretty much abandoned that particular forum. Even the popup blocker I'm running doesn't stop them


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