Heads up winter is coming (hard)

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Apr 7, 2019
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I was on the youtube the other day and this video randomly popped up for me a s suggestion to watch
it could be bs but it says North America is in for a big rough winter due to a special el nino event, any way just thought I'd pass it on.
Some winters will be colder than others, and some snowier than others, but one thing is for sure it will always be cold and snowy UP here. I've heard all the predictions over the years and for around here they are a toss up.
I like winter too. It means settling into a routine of feeding cows, the odd job tinkering in the shop, reading books and strumming the guitar.
Of course sometimes it involves thawing things out or sorting out a water issue but for the most part it's pretty laid back.
Looks ok for me. We could use some rain.
The rest of ya? sorry 'bout that

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Any guess as to when to start counting and how long till it's over….🤔🤫 I mean, we had almost 4 inches a few days ago. Was that it? Or were we supposed to count that towards the "wetter than normal" summer that was predicted earlier in the year?

Just asking…. 🤷
It's a weather forecast. How accurate do you need it to be? :ROFLMAO:

I'll give it a 50/50 chance it's going to be moderately useful information.
It came a pretty good rain here yesterday afternoon late and hrs later I could still see reflection of lightning off to the ENE and to the southeast. Had a little hail in it. 1/2-3/4" big but not much of it. You get any of it?
The dryness of Texas seems to have moved northeast into Kentucky. We were only running a little behind until September. It has now been over a month with no rain and lots of sun and low humidity. There is very little moisture in the ground. There is not going to be much grass going into the winter.

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