Anybody getting rain?

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kenny thomas

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Nov 16, 2008
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SW tip of Virginia
Are the people in the areas that have been dry for so long getting rain. Today we were 1" above normal for 2009 with 2-3 inches expected tonight and tomorrow. First time in 5 years we are above. At the end of the year we were 41" behind over the last 5 years.
It's been raining here off and on for the last two weeks. Everything on this place is real wet. Having trouble moving round bales because of soft ground. Praise God for the blessing.
Tom :banana: :banana: :banana:
Yep, 6/10ths of an inch. Biggest rain since October 15th. Actually made some mud for a short time. Forecast is calling for more Friday and Saturday, sure hope we get some more.
The average here is 31 inches. '05 was the worst in history locally. Most of the cactus died.
I have been getting rain all day. Some times it was better than others. Its 32 right now and looks like hi 40's and rain tomorrow and low 30's tomorrow night. This is the first decent rain for a while.

I hadn't have to run my tractor in 2 weeks and got it out to feed them some hay for the next 3 padlocks. I should have everything done for the next 10 days if the weather holds but is calling for 3 days of rain and one of snow/ice (it might have changed). If it's wet or really cold I'll feel sorry for them and give them a few more bails.

I don't keep up with the total rain fall. I look at my fields and say it's to wet or to dry. I'm thinking were 45 to 50" a year but I'm not sure.

***edited because my dyslexia put down 23 instead of 32***
We got 8/10ths last night.. I won't complain, although most has evaporated by now. The rye grass is trying it's best to come out today!

Our area averages 38 to 42 inches a year. I think we actually got that last year, but it was in the first six months!
backhoeboogie, I know what you are talking about in 05. I worked the fires in Ok and TX in winter 05 through fall 06. Dryest place I had ever worked.
Yes jogee, even dryer than the swamp in 07.
Rain, rain, rain and more rain. Thats all I seen for 2 days. Getting to where you cant even stand up out there without mud skiing somewhere. I done slipped and fell I dont know how many times. I know we been in a drought but dang I wish it would be dry again. We are under a flash flood watch all the way up until tomorrow. Some creeks I know are already flooded. So far we have had over an inch of rain and as I type its pounding on the roof.
That is about all it has done here in Georgia and Alabama for a couple of weeks now. It's so wet at the property I can't do much of anything. Despite all of the rain, I saw on the news tonight that our biggest lake we get water from is still 17 feet below full pool. They were interviewing a guy at the marina and he was jumping for joy, they opened a few more boat ramps, they were down to one ramp and I think the shore line is over a thousand miles long! It was 22 or 23 feet below full about two months ago. I guess I shouldn't complain, we were all about to run out of drinking water! Shouldn't have said anything, it just started pouring again, we had tornado warnings earlier! :shock:
How in the world can a cactus not survive on 31" of rain a year??? that's more than 3x what we get in a year, and our cactus do fine.. all you guys sound like you're living in rainforests!!,_British_Columbia

it says there that the weather station gets 16" of rain, with microclimates in the area not far away getting 2" (I find that a little hard to believe, but if they said 7" or so I could go with that)

I searched for record rainfalls.. in the 70's we got a record of 43mm of rain in a day.. that's about 1 3/4"
It's still raining from last night. I didn't dare drive into the pasture with out putting it in 4x4. I had to detour in 2 places taking the kids to school because the creak came up over the road. There is water standing in some of our fields.

I would like it to keep raining but would like it to slow down just a little so there's not as much runoff. For the month were at 1.58" with out today's rain. I don't know how much we get every year.
grannysoo":21nkwaij said:
grannysoo":21nkwaij said:
Started raining here around 7am this morning.

and quit .20" later.

What a letdown.......

I know the feeling well.

Checked the moisture on the oats this afternoon. Dug down about 5 inches. The ground is still loose all the way down. Took a haddfull and squeezed it. It barely stuck together and we had 6/10ths.
If you're in the mood to transport it....I have a couple feet of snow on the ground you are more than welcome to have for absolutely no charge!? I'll even throw in a six pack of your favorite lager and a freshly cut 16 oz prime rib if you're in the mood to stay for dinner.

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