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During the 1970s and 1980s I regularly started coming 2 year old gaited horses over the winter. Never was that good of a rider but had a knack for gentling them and getting them bridle wise. Made decent money for my time.
My wife and kids were not that interested so I was out of the horse business by the 1990s.
I still get the itch to own a young walking horse and ride. At 72, my balance is still OK and I could still get my leg over their back. My fear is the ground might be a lot harder than it once was. I will probably just stick to the 4 wheeler.
Yes, Buck was an AQHA reg quarter horse. Lorne Green ended up buying him after Gunsmoke went off the air. I heard he died in 1992..at 45 years old. And the original Trigger was a reg TWH.

I ride every day, almost, and I am 67. Had a cousin that died last month at 96. She still rode until 3 years ago. Shot doves this last opening day, and was such a good bass fisherman, that one of her sons who fished BASS tournaments, would take her on the Guys & Dolls tournaments, She last fished one in 2020.,..when Joe, her son, got to where was no longer able to fish tournaments. I know several men that rode into their 80's. My next door neighbor growing up, had TWHs and rode til he died at 86. He had a Merry Go Boy son that lived to be 45... 1947-1992.
Warren, I will be 67 in September. So we are the same age. Dang, Buck just had a high step. I have seen registered Quarter Horses that could do what they called a running walk, but only a couple in my life time. I guess they have to be jointed just right or maybe double jointed or something odd to get that pace going. Buck was a gentle horse for sure. I was so surprised when I hear Trigger was a TWH. He was tall and a great horse. That is neat to know Warren. Thank you for telling us that. I would have never known as I was talking about Matt's horse today. 45 years is outstanding for a horse to live.

Your cousin that was 96, I bet the horses helped to keep her core muscles strong and her balance centered. She sure sounds like a great person and fun to be around. I bet she was a lot of fun.

There was a man that rode at one of the big ranches until he was late in life and there is a video about him, and the man, seemed he was famous, but I can't recall his name. I am going to rack my brain and try to figure him out and come up with the Youtube video they had of him. I enjoyed watching it so much. I know this info was vague, but thiking maybe someone will know who I am thinking about. I will find him......
Old man here "gone now" years ago had a TN. Walker, he made a calf horse out of..he wouldnt ride the horse in the arena, he would lead him in till it was his time to rope ,then back in the box and go ..then lead him out
.he didn't want him to bust in a gait in front of the other cowboys..
There is an old cowboy that lived to the ripe old age to 94, but before he died there was some event that he rode it that everyone was worried about how they were going to get him on the horse. He said, why don't I just step up on him like I'm supposed to, and he did. I think he was 91 or 92 at the time. He served in the army during World War Two, I guess he had a bullet right through his cheek, in one side and out the other. Dad drank a fair amount of beer with him.

I have a Firestick as I got rid of my Dish. I came in and sat down to watch some TV to see if I could fall off asleep. I was thumbing through the channels and it shows the one on the "Classic TV" category that @farmerjan and I watched all the time on Saturdays. "Fury." I am anxious to find it again as it is either on Pluto TV or Tubi. I watched it religiously, and I want to see again. I want to see what my draw was to it as it was so long ago. Sort of like when I used to watch those Horror Movies that made me lay real still in the bed so no one would see me. I always felt someone was in the room under my bed. Then I watched some of the films that came on "Fantastic Features" out of Memphis on Saturdays. I remember one show called "Screaming Skull," and that one tore me up bad. And then another where this mansion had a swamp in front of it and someone had drowned in the water, but can't remember the rest of how it went, but it put the terror in me. And sure enough, I would turn it back on again the next Saturday and lay stiff in the bed that night once more.

After catching the ones that scared me the most, they were so cheesy. I think of how easily they frightened me as my brain was immature and now I just laugh. Sivad was the host of "Fantastic Features." He was dressed in a black cape and a tall black hat, and he would say, "I am Sivad, that is Davis spelled backwards."
Here is a short clip of the start of the show as it comes on in a few seconds after it starts.......

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