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Fall worming today and 8 going to sale - 1 dangerously crazy cow, one past her prime, 4 heifers from this past spring, 1 steer from spring, and 1 bull calf from spring that was born after we worked them all…never did get him penned up so he's still got the family jewels…keeping 4 heifers from previous bull for replacements keeping the number of cows at 20…hoping to have hay cut/baled the end of the month…it will be our first cutting this year…summer was brutal here…we'll get what we can out of the cattle going to sale and hope the new bull has been busy for springtime calves…will probably eartag the keepers who have lost theirs to make record keeping easier…and cleared a buttload more brush this past summer - a project which will continue until it gets too cold or too wet…and the beat goes on…
10 sent to sale today in total…wound up keeping 5 heifers instead of 4 as one of the adults appeared to be barren…everything out here has ear tags, wormed, and treated with a little fly dope…neighbor helped out and the job was done in less than one hour (45 min.)…may be a new record here…indeed, there are still good folks out there…now we just need to make some hay

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