"Best Auctioneer In The South",Col. Duane(

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<br> After 45yrs. of Livestock Auctioneering in <br>Texas,Oklahoma,Arkansas,& Louisiana, Col. <br>Duane(Doodle)Gibbs is retiring.<br> Confirmed as one of the "Best Livestock <br>Auuctioneers in the South"! His integrity so <br>sound that, bankers, cattlemen, and friends have <br>taken nothing more than his word and hand shake <br>as contract. Doodles strong conviction to the <br>beef cattle industry is well known in the <br>surronding areas and states. He is retireing from <br>Auctioneering, but will remaine in the cattle <br>industry as a private Rancher.<br> Duane(Doodle)Gibbs, was born August 19th. <br>1936 to Shufford and Rena Mae Gibbs. Raised in <br>the cattle and farm country on the banks of the <br>Red River, at a little place called Tulip. His <br>lineage goes back 300yrs. in the Farm Industry <br>with out a break.<br> In 1955, Doodle completed Auctioneer School <br>at Fort Smith, Arkansas, under the tutelage of <br>Col.Dale Smith, whom Doodles eldest grandson is <br>named for. The completion of the course earned <br>him the title of Col. Duane Gibbs, Auctioneer. In <br>the past 45yrs., Doodle worked six sales a week <br>for over 30yrs. straight, not taking a vacation <br>so devoted he was to Auctioneering. <br> June of 1956 Doodle married Mary Jan <br>Kueckelhan, daughter of Howard and Nell <br>Kueckelhan of Bonham,Texas. They have a daughter <br>Kae and a son Jacky. Jan has been by Doodles <br>side as a devoted wife,mother and partner these <br>past 44yrs. Doole and Jan are grandparents of <br>Dale, Julie, and Gerald Chaffin, Cody and Carson <br>Gibbs: great grandparents of Tyler Duane, Mary <br>Elain and Paty Cooper:father and mother in-laws <br>of Bob Chaffin, Robin Gibbs and Terence <br>Cooper.For Doodle and Jan, God comes first, but <br>they are "devoted" to their family!<br> Any of you out there who know or remember <br>Doodle Gibbs, you are invited to write and send <br>your congratulation to him and his family at the <br>address below. Those of you who would like to <br>come and help us celebrate on the 17th. of June <br>contact the second address, e-mail or fax# below. <br>If you want to come for the Party, you must <br>contact me at second address below no later than <br>June 3rd.2000. The Gibbs Ranch, Family welcome <br>those of you who know and remember my Father.<br>Mail Congratulation to: Doodle and Jan GIbbs<br> RRt.1,Box68<br> Ivanhoe,TX.75447<br>To help us Celebrated, contact:<br> Kae Gibbs Chaffin<br> RRt.1,Box70<br> Ivanhoe,Tx.75447<br> [email protected]<br> Fax#(501)421-4334 <br>
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