Fires in the Panhandle

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Tho the sentiment is appreciated I'm sure, and it is undoubtedly taking place again now, BUT.............I'm petty sure..

that instagram post was during or right after the Dumas and Lefors Complex fire in Feb -March 2017.


Almost the same area tho that the current big fire still going on today.

2017 panhandle fires
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Watching a replacement heifer sale down in Nixon, Tx. A pair of f1 Brangus heifers with their 1st calves on their side, by Angus bulls. The owner announced he was donating what they brought to the fire victims. Man bought them for $6k/pr, and told the auctioneer to sell them again.... that he was donating them to the fire victims in the panhandle! Next man that bought them did the same thing! These cattle sold 2 more times, and they raised $29,800 for the fire victims. You'd think that I'd be used to this, being part of the biker community, but I have to admit, I got a lump in my throat. God bless Texas.
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Is there an estimate of how many head have been lost to the fires?
somewhere between 3000-10,000 is the most recent # I heard with 3000 being pretty much confirmed but that # was expected to rise "by the thousands".

With ,many hundreds (1000s? )of miles of fence down and lots of areas that are not yet even accessible, I don't think anyone really knows.
We had a convoy from Cowley County. This is a copy/paste from the wife of one of the organizers (from her Facebook page):

8:30 pm. Pulling into home at Dexter, KS.

Things I loved about today…

People waving and kids trying to get the semis to honk - and they did.

Andy, our son in law, who organized the donations and trucks for the 15 loads of hay. He is a very humble guy who did a lot of good today. When the tv station tried to interview him today in middle of things, he simply told them it would have to be another time because he was busy. He also donated four semi trucks and drivers.

Friends who text they were helping with other efforts or would like help if we went again. And friends who donated or organized getting hay. Another friend who allowed us to borrow his trailer.

My sister and others who donated for fuel and food.

The ML Farmers Coop who supplied all the trucks with a tank of fuel at the start of the trip.

Being able to quote (several times) "Looks like we got us a convoy!"

Having my older kids (Micah and Andy, Riley and Reagan) and grandkids (Braylee and Blaine) all helping.

Spending time with Grady and seeing how we still like each other very much after being together 22 years.

Being able to count on the twins and Quim to take care of things and feed our cattle at home after school and baseball practice.

The ranch in Texas, who has lots of damage, dead cattle and burnt up equipment, but acted as the drop off spot for the hay and a place for their neighbors to come get some.

Seeing other trucks full of hay roll into town as we were leaving.

American flags on back of hay.

All the drivers who took today off of their regular duties and jobs to make the delivery.

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:3-4

Please pray for the ranchers in Texas.



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Smoke is blowing in from the NW this morning. Imagine the wind has caused some of the fires from north of us in NW OK to flare up
I didn't realize that 85% of Texas cattle are in the panhandle. They say that farming and ranching has the highest suicide rate in the nation. I hope they there are some recourses to help the affected ranchers. This has to be very hard on those people to lose your livelihood like this.

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