Murrey Gray Bull

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I am looking at buying a 12 month old Murrey Gray bull to use on my 4 hereford cows and 2 angus heifers. Is that a good match and is the bull old enough to use?

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Depending on the maturity of the bull, a twelve month old bull could be old enough--but I recommend 14 months in general. Also look at the size of the bull to ensure he's tall enough to service the angus cows and hereford heifers. Remember that murray grey originated as an angus/shorthorn cross, so you'll get less heterosis on the angus than hereford heifers. Easy calving, easy doing and generally excellent marbling, it should be a good cross. Daughters tend to be good milkers in general as well.
Thank you for the info. I would guess he weighs 750 to 800 lbs but he does look a little small to service the cows, but I want to breed for fall calves so I think I will go ahead and buy him.

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