Make Your Hands Smell So Bad Your Dogs Won't Come Near You

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ga. prime

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Aug 30, 2004
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So. Cent. Ga.
Put a bushel of corn in a barrel. Cover it with water. Wait six weeks and dip the corn out with your hands.
Gas has come down so I'm assuming you either have pigs or was looking to cut the cost of your Christmas party. :lol2:

Another tip, always where plastic gloves when collecting walnuts when you go fishing.
About 15 years ago I used a mix of mostly apples, with a little sugar, and cracked corn. I called it apple jack.

ga. prime":1ckf592z said:
Yeah, I was making hog attractant.

That’s not what we call it around theses woods.
ga. prime":24jzp22v said:
Yeah, I was making hog attractant.

ga....mix you up some wheat the same way. It'll make that corn smell good.....You can't get it off your hands. About all you can do to improve the odor is rub some cat $h1t on your hands. :lol: :lol:

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