Large Mouth Bass

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Jan 2, 2006
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A friend and I were fishing along a creek bank and not doing that great when we came up on a blown over tree laying in the water. My friend started working the area by the tree and noticed a nut laying on a fork in the tree and pointed it out to me. About this time a squirrel came down the bank and walked out on the tree, grabbed the nut and started eating it.The water erupted below him and the biggest LMB I've ever seen came flying out of the water, swallowed the squirrel to the tail and splashed back in the water. Well we just looked at each other in shock. We then estimated the bass to be at least 12#. Then it got weird. The bass came back on top, placed another nut on the fork, and went back under the water. :shock:
That joke took a loooong time to get to Texas. Past this country about ummmm 20 years ago. still good though :lol2:

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