Bass fishing

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We've got those things here in the Lampasas river believe it or not. The game wardens have made a big deal out of threatening the worst for anyone who harms one.
Big dustup and investigation when one turned up dead in a hayfield several years back. They never did find out who was responsible. I've always thought I'd rather have hogs and fire ants than alligators.
Maybe she had mud cat one time and doesn't know there are other species that taste better? (Yes, I know people who have tried to eat mud cat.)
The catfish here come out of the Snake River. Deep river with a rocky bottom. And the water is not very warm. I don't care too much for them. There are a lot better eating fish than catfish around this part of the world in my opinion.
Pretty much the same for salmon here.
Me too for the most part. I have ate tons of salmon in my life. Thus I am a salmon snob. Fresh caught Silvers (Coho), Sockeye (Reds), and Chinook (Kings) caught in salt water, bled, and iced. Dogs and Humpies (pinks) are fit to use a pet food.

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