herefords vs. red angus

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We used to have both, now only Red Angus and F1 Red ANgus-Polled Herefords. I'll have to go along with the Hereford being tamer, almost too tame. They're hard to herd because they want to come back and see what you're doing. In the alley, cranking their tails doesn't do anything, a hay cube or a shoulder against their butt is the only way we've been able to move them along. BTW the F1's are more like Herefords in that respect then Red Angus.
But by the same token, we have Red Angus that are every bit as tame/calm/docile/layed back as the Herefords. There are also a couple that are a bit skittish. But a couple of years ago I got the crap knocked out of me by a yearling Hereford heifer that launched herself at me, all 4 feet off the ground when she got be square in the chest. But of a dozen Herefords that we were working that day, the others were just plain dog like. So every breed has a nut, some you just have to shake the tree harder.


la4angus":3f8ebrtf said:
I would think that the Herfords would be slightly more docile.
My hereford bull is like dog. He came from my Uncle's herd were a bad dispostion was a ticket to the sale barn.

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