heifer/cow sale today

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Apr 16, 2014
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Southeast Missouri
I took a lot of notes today at a local sale. I'd probably have some data for any specific age/stage you may be interested in, in addition to what I'll note here.
Fancy Blacks
2yo 3n1 med/large frame, good condition, very nice heifers with 2-300 lbers on them 2400-2600
2yo pairs, calves from small to 250 lbers 1800-2400
2yo open pairs 1900-2200
18 mo + 3rd stage 1500-1800

Good blacks in good condition
4-6 yo, 2-3 stage 1400-1700
SS 3rd stage, good condition 12-1400
BM 3rd stage 10-1100

Lots of common heifers, reds, Char, blacks, smallish to med frame 18 mo -, 2nd to 3rd stage 10-1100

Several poor 3-4yo black pairs in the 11-1400 range

Some poor rough young heifers and cow pairs in the 8-900 ballpark

Edit to add (was going by memory)
2 yo OPEN fancy blacks, 1 lot of two pairs, 2550 and 1 set of 2 pairs, 2600

Good third stage single Hereford heifer 1750
Fancy Red Angus heifers, pretty nice I thought, med frame, 1900-1950
Fair black, AI'd hiefers, maybe wormy 18mo-2yo, 3rd stage, 1400-1550
Damar is having a dispersal sale right now, mostly red angus and simmental cows. Today, 600 plus cows sold, pairs and breds. I bet the average was high, but not many under $2500. Tomorrow, mostly simmental cows sell, another 400 plus cows and pairs selling. For that many head, the average seems good. They are selling on DV auctions, if anyone wants to watch.
This was today's prices...
Here is tomorrow
It seems like it is holding together on the better end heifers. An old timer told me the day of the sale,
"I learned something today".
I said Oh yeah, what was that?
"Dont calve them out".

This was a special heifer sale/consignment sale. The guy who does it works at the auction barn and puts these heifers together and calves them out/rebreeds if they will take. His source is a few of the local seed stock guys for some of his heifers. The highest sellers will be from those sources, by name, and by quality. The rest were consignments.
There was something there for everyone though. Good turnout.
Do not understand how folks can pay a $300 to $350 premium above kill price for a wild BM range cow. Apparently - - folks think the market has stabilized, and there will be free grass again this summer. :banana:
We certainly don't have those prices here. Our normal Friday sale run only had a handful of breds and one pair. I bought the pair, a 1,200 black simi with a 200 pound bull calf for $975 and 1,555 pound (fat) 2nd calf angus cow that is 6 months bred for $900. There were 3 black bred heifers that topped the sale at $1300.