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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
I had a cow I bought back in February. When I bought her the vet said she was 7 months bred. Well no calf and a couple of weeks ago there was half a dozen yearling steers chasing her around. So off to the sale she went. She weighed 1,425 and sold for $1.03. After commission etc the check was right at $1,400. I haven't looked it up but I know that day I bought 10 cows and paid less than a $1,200 average. Still lost a little on her but not bad for a loser.
B wanted me to buy pairs for him. He told me $2,400 for young cows and $1,800 for old one and done cows. There was 8 rippers with good big calves. Three 4 year old cows with 150-200 pound calves sold for $2,550. Two full mouth cows from the same place brought $2,500. I bought 3 spread mouth pairs that averaged 1,586 pounds per pair for $2,100. I weren't young. But they are younger than BM cows. So $2,100 is in the middle of the two prices he gave me.
I figured at $2,100 for these 8/9 year old cows. That open cow I sold brought $1,400. At that price we are only into the calves $700. Calves are selling for $1,000+. They are going to pasture that was already paid for a under stocked at this point. So there is very little feed bill against them. And these cows should be good for another 2 or 3 calves. They just need a bull to get the next one on the way.

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