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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
ok, this is nothing new, but the media are complete liars about the entire war. a buddy i knew from a couple years ago came back from iraq for 2 weeks. he is a chemical weapons specialist on a special ops team. i was talking to him for a long time and learned a lot about the war. i asked him what the hell is goin on over there and he told me nothing the news said is true. he was telling me lots of stories about over there. told me that even the media lies about casualties. a while back they said 8 american soldiers were killed. partly true. it was 2 americans and 6 koreans (i think). he told me the terrorists have the worst aim you could imagine. he was knocked down and was being shot at from no more than 10 feet away with an automatic rifle. not one shot was within a foot of him. he pulled out his handgun and shot the terrorist dead in the head. the army takes care of him while traveling though. he drives a humvee and has 4 tanks and 4 other machine gun-armed humvees. he is in the center. so basically hes safe from any fire while traveling.

he has seen horrible things. hes watching a terrorist tie up an american soldier, cut his toes, fingers, feet, hands, penis, legs, arms, then finally his head. he regrets ever joining the military, only because of killing people. he kills over 25 people every day.

the soldiers are treated very well by the public though. anywhere they go they are offered food, water, anything the people have. they can go into any stores and are given whatever they want. not all iraqis are against the US. i just wish the media would show that.
Hate to burst your bubbles there buddy but your "friend" was just exaggerating to impress you and his buddies.. If he was an chemical weapons specialist he wouldn't be on the front line since he is of great values....... The media doesn't lie, they just report what they see or hear. Its the people that lies or exaggerates (like your buddy) to the media, therefore news can get sloppy at times. I think I remembered the story about the 8 dead Americans....yes there were eight dead Americans that day but in different parts of Iraq. DOD released the names of those eight Americans on the News.... Everyday, the DOD release the names of the dead to large news sources like CNN, or Yahoo... Yahoo does a good job of keeping track of the deads daily... Around 4 or 5 PST, Yahoo will post the names (some days there were none) of the dead they received from DOD, they alos listed the soldiers who got killed that day (not their names yet because the family needs to be notified first). BTW, there has been no Koreans deaths.....

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