Cooking corn for steers

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Jan 20, 2009
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Ok, I've looked and looked for the post that had the recipe and amounts on cooking corn. Sorry I just can't find it. I have some steers that I'd like to smooth them up a little. Also can I feed cooked corn to my heifers? Their are two of my girls going to calve soon and wanted to give them a small treat. I just can't remember the formula that was given. Don't you just hate!?!? :?: The only thing I do remember is that they said not to cook it in the house. Little on the smelly side they say. Anyway...Help me out if you can.
Thanks a bunch :D
I don't remember the answer but I think you started the post so look in your user control panel and it should tell you where to go.Which I could be more help.
Hey Rusty...

I was feeding and it hit me tooo. I thought the same thing and then :oops: . Thanks so much! I need to just slow down a bit, trying to get ready for San Antonio and wishing I just had a little more time. But when it gets to this point I always wonder what I could had done different or better. Thanks again!! :wave: