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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
So I had a little time to kill this morning. I looked up what calves sold for last week on Superior. I have some weaned 4 weight heifers in the pen so that was what I checked. The first two lots to show up one sold for $1.70 and the other $1.39. I took a closer look. The $1.39 calves were from Oregon sort of local. They were out of Longhorn cows bred to Charolais bulls. I scrolled down and found other Oregon heifer calves about the same size. They were $1.80 and up, even $2.00 for Angus heifer calves both black and red. Shows how much the buyers like those Longhorn cross calves. And on Superior they are going to state what the cow herd is.
So Char/Longhorn calves sold for $1.39 with a 460 pound base weight. That is $639.40 a calf.

Straight Red Angus calves with a 420 pound base weight brought $2.00. That is $840.

Calves sired by Red Angus bulls out of Red and Black cows with a little WF in the mix. Base weight of 485 brought $2.13. Which is $1,033.05

These calves are all with in about 50 miles all right along Hwy 26. Dayville, John Day, Unity.
wonder what the inputs/ages were. could be those char/LH crosses were easier to get to that weight.

sounds about like what they all go for around here, too. spots and color get docked no matter what the animal actually is.
What I have noticed around here is that there is a good price ($1.70+) for heifers up to about 500 lbs, then drops after that. But heifers from 550-700 don't slide too much, so there seems to still be good VOG there.

I got some 435 lb heifers 6 weeks ago. Fortunately, I bought them right so the drop off after 500 lbs doesn't bother me.
This will give you prices all over the country. Prices are pretty good, relatively speaking

I wish you could sort by state, but it does it by city

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