Bull Vaccinations

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> I was just taking a survey, we do give ours a 7 way, something else I dont know the name of and pour on in the spring. Then in the fall usually some warbex to fight lice in the fall. I just was wondering if others have any other programs on bulls they could pass along.

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In my area, we vaccinate for 8 way blackleg, rabies, IBR-PI3-BVD-BRSV, occasionally H. somnus. Bulls do not get vaccinated for lepto, since in Canada it prevents semen collection. They are also dewormed/deloused etc as required on a per farm basis. Timing on vaccination for the bull is not critical, but I don't recommend vaccination within the month prior to breeding season, since it could impair fertility if there is a reaction.

> What yearly vaccines does one need
> to give to the bulls and when? The
> area I am in is the south central
> part of North Dakota.Thanks for
> the help!

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