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I am new at this cattle thing, so I need help. I have 13 registered Brangus. One bull was born with long curly hair. He is 14 months old and is still very fuzzy. He was not bred here; We bought the dam when she was pregnant. But she was registered and so is the sire. Ever see a Brangus with curly hair? I don't know if I am going to be able to sell him. He has great E.P.D.'s and should go for about $1200. But that hair?

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i have a few that in winter do put on the hair even here in texas.......some or blacks some are summer they lose it.......good luck

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I have one registered Brangus moma that has long hair, not really curly, but after about 3 years she dropped most of it and now looks almost normal?????

Who cares what they look like, if they produce what the customer wants - good retail product, marbling and ribeye?
We had a purebred gert heifer the same way. She had that curly long hair through the first winter and that summer she slicked up like normal. The next winter her coat grew in straight. Haven't seen any curls since that first year.

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