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Hi, I would appreciate it if you could help me with some information. I need a description of the characteristics and uses for Angus and Jersy cows. ie: Info on *Appearance *Weight ranges *Behavioural and physical aspects that make the breed suitable for beef/dairy purposes. *Type of product produced *Climate conditions they prefer and where in Aus to keep *Any heath problems they may be susceptible to


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Do you live in Australia? You could check out Jersey House's website <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A> Basically: Jerseys are small, deep bodied cows with a characteristic dish in their heads. They have a very short face. And those gorgeous doe eyes! (They melt butter!) They range from mousey grey through to dark fawn in colour and can have white patches. The bulls can be very temperamental but the cows have gorgeous temperaments. They have excellant butterfat and protein scores and are very efficient in converting feed to milk compared to Friesians. Jerseys are the preferred breed for producing cheese and milk. The main problem they are susceptible to is milk fver.


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