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May 13, 2021
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Burleson Leon Coleman counties texas
My son picked up this cow last year, she had a bull calf ,the same color as mama.
My wife had to have her. She gave him $650 for the pair.
The calf brought $450 at the barn under 400 lbs.
this year she had a solid black heifer and my wife is planning on keeping her.
She has an almost perfect udder and puts out lots of milk.
This is the first of this breed we have ever owned.
Any thoughts?


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My thoughts are there might be a long line of cows there kept as pets. Be carefull.

We all fall in love with our good cows, but I have no problem moving them.
This is the first cow my wife ever bought " with her own money lol".
So we will see what will happen.
My grandparents milked cows until they couldn't anymore ( way of life back then) and I have milked cows but it would be hard for me with my back.
My daughter in law is very interested in it and has 3 jersey heifers and one cow. I keep telling her that im still waiting on cream so I can make butter.
Here's what I think of when I hear Beltie (Belted Galloway ) Pics from their official web site . You may be right about the Dutch BeltedE17E6808-AB5F-4B06-A495-80012568AE7C.jpeg19D05363-E5A3-497F-B4BE-2278FC52FFD1.jpeg59427024-4D23-4AA5-B02C-F3CDDCB910A4.jpeg

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