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Sep 6, 2004
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I picked up a heifer a couple Fridays ago, she got a shot of Lutalyse on the way to the trailer. At this time she's not supposed to be bred, getting the shot b/c she's going with the bull when she gets home. The next Wednesday I notice she's starting to make a little bag (a really nice one at that), so I take her to the Vet. on Thursday (6 days post Lut shot). Vet says she's roughly 5 mo. bred. That was last week (6 days ago). She looks the same as she did last week, little variance on udder size and not really "springing." If she continues to carry it to term she'll calve at about 21-22 months, not too worried about that. Its the other possibilities I'm worried about.

What should I expect? Will she abort? Too late in pregnancy for lutalyse to work? Should I worry about calf dying inside her and her not delivering it?

Too late for just lute to have any affect. She'll most likely just carry the calf to term with no ill affects.
I agree with Dun if she is 5 months it shouldn't have any effect on the pregnancy..Good luck and I hope she stays, next time you might want to have an animal palpated before inducing heat though. ;-)

As far as age I had 3 heifers calve under 21 months this year with no problems at all and have really nice growing calves, and are/were(Lou Lou) great moms.
Well I'm glad to hear this. She's a longhorn heifer, but bred to a non-longhorn bull. We've had a number of heifers calve in the 21-22 month age range. Even had one that calved just before 19 months. She has ended up being a well above average producer in the breed, not just our herd. This particular heifer is real good sized and is for sure an easy keeper. Comes from great parents, and the bull she is bred to is plenty safe for heifers. He's a SimAngus bull that has been successfully used on some moderate framed angus heifers.

This heifer is actually one of my own heifers. Well, my brother bought two heifers, and I helped him with this one. So she's actually in a partnership. These are the first animals he's ever bought (15 years old), so I know he'll be glad to hear this. He was pretty worried about her. I was hoping she'd just carry it to term and calve out. I think it'd be a whole lot better than any of the alternatives.

Thanks for the help.

as said being 5 months bred the lute shouldnt make her abort.because its used to catch oh ohs right off.she is just making what i call the 5 month bagg.she should calve fine.
Guys I am going to disagree slightly...5 months is not necessarily too late for lut to cause an abortion (I've seen it happen). Now with that being said, if she hasn't aborted by now, chances are you are ok.

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