The grass is starting to grow in N. GA.

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Looking good, will pray for greener pastures and relief for all those drought stricken last year. Special prayers for those in the areas devastated by fires also.
I'm in NE Ga and grass here is growing too. Our fear also is that we'll have a repeat of 2016, but we're praying not. The lake here is already down 11', not a good start or a good sign.
This will be his second Spring so it very well might be the first time he has really played in lush grass. Last year a wildfire burned right up to my pastures. Fortunately the forestry guys were able to cut a fire break. My heart goes out to those in the Midwest who are currently dealing with fires and Gatlinburg from last year.
Here in Central Tx we have been blessed with rain and pretty good weather. Had green grass the last 2 months. Its almost a foot tall where the cows havent got it yet. They say the spring grass is mostly filler but my cattle are doing just fine. My pasture has blue grass, legumes and lots of native Texas grass. Cows quit eating the hay the beginning of February. Bloat blocks and fly control is the only money I am spending at the moment.
What you see in the picture is a 10 acre paddock of Marshall Rye and Crimson clover that I planted back in September. I gambled and thought I had lost but it finally rained on November 27th and you can see what came up. The rest of the pastures are weedy but fescue and clover are starting to grow. Fescue is tough and think it will bounce back. I am going to plant Red River Crabgrass in May on the Rye pasture in hopes of taking some pressure off the fescue.
That's a good looking boy. Looks like he has an eye for grass. Bet he even tasted some to check the forage quality.
NE Georgia here and it's a relief to finally see greenup after last year.
Got the rest of my rotational grazing wire up over the weekend.
10 Acres cut into 16 pieces now.
I drilled oats and fescue in October and got rain in December. Also have volunteer rye and broadcast clover in February.
grass is green in my fields but lack of any sun is keeping a lot of the growth.
Clover starting to bloom now. Ryegrass starting to head out. 1.2 inches of rain last night. High tomorrow supposed to be in the mid eighties. Grass and weeds are pedals to the metal...... :lol:

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