So proud of "our kids".

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Jeanne - Simme Valley

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Dec 9, 2004
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Central Upstate New York
I think many of you know we sponsor a family of 3 kids. We are starting our SEVENTH year with them. They have literally grown up with us. They live in suburbs about 10 minutes from us. Own 2 dogs and a cat.
GREAT parents. Of course, I always say, you can't have good kids if you don't have parents willing to drag them around and support their needs in their projects.
Well, we are in RI visiting family. We have 25 cows due in January, starting the 3rd.. instead of hiring our regular farmer friend to do chores, we asked the kids to do them.
We brought 11 cows up to our "ladies in waiting" lot, just outside the house. Put 2 in barn because 1 looked way too close.
Nephew bought new cameras that go to our phones. He sent the link to "our family".
At 5:30am we checked our phone and the heifer had calved. Couldn't SEE a calf, but afterbirth was in pen. The kids popped into the barn. Put a halter on Java (dam of our "little" bull shown) and moved her into a different pen.
They had watched them on their phones all night. Even Mom was there with the girls.
They took care of giving calf shot, Inforce3, and dipped naval.
We are PROUD of "our kids".
Dang, I'm getting as windy as Warren.