sick Angus bull

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4year Angus old bull, at end of 9month rest period, has developed swelling on gut either side of the sheath half way between the opening and the testicles. Urine is clear and no abnormal discharges, not foreign objects within the sheath. No other symptoms - bull seems OK otherwise. Does not fit profile for venereal diseases in cattle. Any ideas?

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better call a vet, bulls are too expensive for home remedies for the most part. i'll just throw out one wild guess for the heck of it though, hernia?
let me add that i once saw a brahman bull go thru the stockyard with a hernia the size of a basketball dangling and flopping from side to side. not a pretty site. i'm sure they can be removed in most cases but if you let it go unchecked (whatever it is) it may and probably will cause breeding problems later on if not already.

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