Red Angus Bull Sage Bluff Judge 9329

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Nov 24, 2006
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OK beat him up, check out his info here and tell me what you think. I have some serious interest from some big buyers on this bull and want to hear your thoughts. He weaned at 935lb on 9/13/09, adj to 908lb from a 6yr old cow on native grass with no creep feed. I would have liked to seen a little lower BW, other than that I'm pretty happy. I will get a pic up if I can get it resized.
C'mon somebody I'd like to know what to expect when buyers look at him. An outside view always heps put things into perspective.
Sage - he's a handsome calf but the picture is hard to judge. It makes it look like he might be pinched in the heart and lacks some muscling behind the shoulders. You can see the way his top line dips down in that area. He's not standing well and it makes his front legs look like they might be a little knock kneed or toed out. It also looks like his pelvis is tipped up? The other calf in the background makes it hard to see his lines clearly. I'm certainly not one to judge so hopefully you'll get some more feedback.
Jovid":1gphcupb said:
How much does his mother weigh?
Good question. His WW is awesome. I would have to guess he had more than mom's milk & grass, but even if he did, still awesome weight.
I also agree with 2B - pic is not very good to give a good opinion. Agree, he looks like a typical RA, high loin & pinched behind shoulder. Weight is impressive but pic is not.
LOL I'm not a photographer so I apologize for the pic quality, it does make him look shorter than he is in real life. His dam weighed in at 1362lb on 3/29/08, this is the most recent weight I have on her. Yes he grew up on mothers milk and dryland foothills, no creep no supplements of any kind except for Right Now Mineral. Thanks for the replies, these are things I'm sure I will hear as the buyers check him out. I agree with the comments and that he is not standing perfect, most of the top line problem.
Sounds like you need to clone the cow......

A 1362 lb cow that can wean a 900 pound calf at 205 days just on milk and grass. WOW

Do you have a picture of the cow? It sounds like the cow may be more impressive than the bull.
I don't have a picture of the cow but I agree with you. That is why I purchased her from Kimm Red Angus about 4 years ago. I will see if I can come up with a picture, I wish I could take credit for the breeding in her, she is a picture perfect, great uddered cow with a very nice temperment.
Hopefully will get a pic of the dam and a better bull pic up soon, thanks again Dun