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Where is my treat man?

Our Golden worn out and resting with the barn cat after a hard day's work. She just got her summer shave to help her stay cool. The cows aren't too sure about the lion running around the fields now.

I bet she's a good producer. Probably a little high on inputs though.


getting ready to ride in the Jack Jouett Festival Equine Parade last Saturday.

Stewart on Dancehall Dixie and me on Hippie Perkins

Notice the yellow chain on Perkins neck….it is a plastic chain…I put it on the horses so that I can easily catch and lead one whenever I want…have been know to put fly tags on the chains to help keep flies off their faces…

The two ladies on the horses behind Stewart…..

One of them rides by me at the end of the parade and says,

"I just have to ask you, what is the purpose of the yellow chain?"

I said ….

"Well, He is just an old Hippie."

I thought she was gonna fall off her horse…

He has been Hippie Perkins ever since…

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