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Back in May and young bull showed up with the yearlings. A couple of phone calls determined who owned the bull. We were gathering the yearlings off the hill the next week so I told the owner we would catch him then. It took 3 sweeps by 2 on horses and 3 on quads do get them gathered. We were short the bull and one steer. A couple days later I got a report that the bull and steer were sighted at the top of Sinker canyon. I guess I will see them in the fall. Well the bull showed up on Saturday. He didn't bring my steer with him. Now he is waiting in the meadow for his owner to come get him.
That looks great!
I wanted to look around for some pipe while I was up there last week but I just ran out of time. Be nice to find a load of pipe and sucker rods.
I have to redo some fence and I'd rather have pipe... but around here the price is ridiculous.
This is all free I've cabbaged onto over the years. Living in oilfield country has its advantages.

I'm going to build a pipe corral at our new place when I get settled on where I want everything.

I'll keep my eyes open for what you want. Sucker rod used to be laying around everywhere but it's getting harder to find. What size pipe you looking for?

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