Plain sort a day

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I'm guessing mid-day when you caught the sun.
That wavelength would be about the same as 8:15am here, this time of year.
We accumulated about 6-8 inches. Then the sun came out today and melted half of it before it refroze before my eyes at dark. Funny part is it never even went up to the 30s.
Kinda pretty to look at...kinda. Reminds me some of working around Elk City Okla decades ago. Driving in desolate, cold, snowy areas in the warm cab of a truck...Did NOT want to get out on the drill locations but....

(I have that same optional broken mirror on my f150 but previous owner evidently chose to have it installed on the passenger side..)
Sun came out and the temp dropped again. Put my snow plow to work this afternoon. 6 inches yesterday makes for 17 inches so far. Need more stockpiled irrigation water yet. Found out new Highline 660 has some cast iron parts. Glad of warranty, when it goes off there will be steel ones made.IMG_1310.jpegIMG_1312.jpegIMG_1308.jpegIMG_1306.jpegIMG_1315.jpegIMG_1314.jpeg

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