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I'll raise your 1 PM to the 3 I received. Da hell??? No, I'm not interested in being the heir and starting an orphanage. She could have at least made it somewhat connected to cattle but . . . . :rolleyes:
If you were wanting to support an orphanage you could just send the money direct to me. I will accept cash or checks.
I got it too. Interesting, that I got the PM early last night but she had no messages on the open board--zero posts. I didn't know ya could do that. I don't remember the name she used. It had the word Donna in it tho.
Included something along the lines of "Please do not disappoint my confidence in you...yada yada yada..go here to find more information/call this # etc."
It has disappeared now tho.
I also didn't know admin could edit or delete anyone's PMs, since a lengthy discussion of that had taken place here at CT a few years ago and a moderator had plainly stated they did not/could not even see people's PMs. (I knew better and stated how it could happen and my post was immediately deleted by the same moderator. )

I have (very briefly) been to Cambodia decades ago during my all expense paid 13 month tour of Southeast Asia. Beautiful landscape, but what a sheethole of a nation!! IF, I were going to support an orphanage, it dang sure wouldn't be in Cambodia, even tho I hear you can get a lobster dinner there for "a dollar".

(I tell my wife, when we occasionally have those frozen Banquet pot pies because I'm too lazy to cook, that we should get the Pol Pot pies. She's too young to get the meaning of that.)
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