Glad this weekend is over.

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I’m in KY, and I remember similar things from our visiting relatives from California, Florida, and Chicago when I was growing up. They were more subtle about it than what you described, but it was no trouble to tell that they thought they were smarter and everything was better where they were from. I wouldn’t trade places with any of them.
Funny... when we bought our place in Arkansas one of the first people I met was a guy running a sawmill and living in a slabwood shed with a dirt floor and a wood stove, and not a stick of furniture. He and the wife and two boys. They wore their clothes until they took them off for whatever reason, and the clothes accumulated on the floor, and they slept in the piles of clothes.

The guy and his wife were originally from California.

Some of the best people I ever met. They would give you the skin off their back if you had ever done anything nice for them.

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