pregnant heifer - show of blood

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Last night I noticed one of my pregnant heifers (+/- 5 months pregnant) had passed a small amount of blood, with a bit of clot in it. I saw the blood on the ground (around 2 tablespoons) by a cow pat. Then I saw a smear of blood on her tail. This morning I got her in to check, the smear on the tail had dried up and no more discharge was evident. I could not see any evidence from either :?: reproductive or digestive tract.

No mucous was sighted.

Her temperature was normal (101 deg F).

Any thoughts on what this might be - I realise it could be a whole range of things. My first thought was that she may be aborting - but nothing further seems to have happened.
You need to try to find out exactly where it's coming from. Had one last year do the exact same thing. Finally decided the blood was from the rectum and I still don't know why. She had a normal calf all by herself and she probably didn't weigh 700. She did the same thing this year and still had a perfect calf. Maybe she passes a little blood all through the year and we just notice it more when they get close.
That is interestig Texan - thanks for that.

I searched the for a foetus but found nothing.

No further bleeding seen since - just the dried up smear on her tail.

Still none the wiser as to whether it came from reproductive or other tracts! Will keep a close eye.

You are right though, if I had not seen the fresh blood when I did I would prob never not have been aware of anything odd happening!