New type of bottle

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I have a few of these. Older models. Don't have the handle or the vent. That's really nice! Only thing I have had issues with is cleaning in the nipple. Maybe the newer ones are better.
The only issue is the design of the lid and nipple there is always some milk left . Nipple screws off for cleaning.
This was recommended last season for a scoured dairy calf I had and man o man has is been a game changer. I can't remember who recommended it and if it was you THANK YOU!!!!!! It worked so well I gifted one to our dairy friends. They will never go back they say. Being able to feed whatever amount and use either the tube or the nipple (peach teat nipple basically) is so convenient. Actually currently using it to tube electrolytes to our newest dairy calves who are scouring.
Probably was me. I love it so much; I gave one of one of my vets that also has cattle and he said he'll never go back. It's worth every penny!

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