Heifer calves cribbing

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Highly unlikely after a compound in the glue due to lack of a mineral. Based on the implied observation that "other two have access to much more pasture" (and aren't cribbing?) If there was a lack of mineral, these 2 would very likely be doing the same, ant it seems they are not.

In support of a lack of forage volume, access to more pasture gives access to more forage volume, which in turn keeps the calves from trying to fill their gut with about anything (panels) they can find.
The other 2 could be getting minerals from the grass or the soil.
I have seen calves get very thin from lack of hay but never seen one eating OSB.
The other 2 could be getting minerals from the grass or the soil.
If minerals were the problem, that would be the difference. What makes me think that this isn't the problem though is that mineral deficiencies usually take time to develop. I suspect there hasn't been an adequate time away from the pasture yet (as in a few months I'd suspect). If it were the soil only, The calf exhibiting the 'cribbing' behavior does have access to the pasture and soil, just a smaller area, so the calf isn't lacking for the soil, unless it is a localized depleted source of mineral that the calf has access to, which I've never heard of, but not completely out of the question. I won't say an acute mineral deficiency can't occur because it can (as in the case of grass tetany) It's just gut fill is much more likely and is also supported by the limited feed supplied to the calf (which is supported by limited pasture access while the two not cribbing have more pasture (forage) access, until the pasture is gone, which I suspect is very soon based on what has been said.
And I'm still wondering if the calves have been wormed. Some animals self-medicate to alleviate pain, gastric anomalies, whatever. Pressed wood products have formaldehyde in them. Just a thought.
How old are the panels? Are they painted? I think I would be physically keeping them away from it. I doubt that it would be any nutritional deficiency they obviously like the taste of it. My concern would be what is in it, the glues, any treatment for termites etc. If it was very old and painted, lead paint could be an issue, they like the taste of lead. Safest thing is to get them out of there.

Are these bottle calves?
Im gonna think that there is a compound in the glue of the board that they are trying to get. I still feel its a lack of some mineral. Maybe something particular to your area. They think its in the board.
No these calves are weaned 6-7 month old. It's a volume problem. Which is very easy to cure.

Thanks everyone for the input. Always appreciate everyone taking the time and their valuable knowledge.