Portable loading chute for semi trailer

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Jan 25, 2007
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I'm 9 miles northeast of Nashville and need one of these portable chutes to load cattle onto a semi. I don't know anybody that has one or where to find or rent one--any ideas?
Yes, tn cattle man can get me one to buy but I'm not sure I can swing that. I was hoping to just rent one from someone or somewhere.
Might check with your local sale barn, we have loaded many times out of ours. I am actually in the process of building one now.
Our local sale barn will work with you to move cattle in and out of.It's not the most ideal thing, but they load out a lot of semi's, and so it is very doable. Also have a cattle dealer not to far away that can load semi's so we have taken stuff to his place before.

Maybe all you Tn guys could bet together and have one or two to trade/rent/loan back and forth.....
If you ever go to buy one, go with Hi-Hog.


Their design is far superior in strength and stability over all other portable loading chutes. Even my favored Tuff/Sioux Steel can't hold a candle to them. Neighbor has one and it is the best part of his Hi-Hog system. They are longer than most portables and the ramp is a two piece hinged system that reduces the steepness of the angle into the trailer. Result is that cattle don't balk and are much faster to load and unload.
We built one for a friend that collects local cattle to haul to the sale .. we used rough cut oak . I think he had 400 dollars in material. He would load out 100 or so head a week and as far as I know it's still in good shape.. it's about 5 years Old now .. he sprays it down with diesel every now and then to keep termites out.
We've got one here in Cali that's pretty decent. I believe its a Winkle. There is one laying around the ranch in Wyoming, a Powder River infact, that looks downright medieval. We do use it to unload about 10 trucks every year on a gas field lease we have though, haven't lost any limbs yet. We don't have one in Nevada.

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