Mad Cow Disease!?

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Ellie May

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Jan 4, 2004
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Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee
Did anybody besides me think that the news people made the Mad cow disease seem worse then what it is. I mean don't get me wrong it is a bad thing, but they put herford & angus on tv & it was a stinkin' holstein that started it all! UGH! Then the say they need to get rid of all the downer cattle. Then they ran a cow accross wet cement & what does do she slips & they consider her a downer cow. If I'm worng I'll shut up you just have to tell me. But UGH!!

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I will agree... It's not nearly what it's made out to be there is such a slim chance of anybody contracting the disease it's hardly worth mentioning. I did hear last night that all 450 of the calves at the farm at which the calf from that cow is at. They don't know which one it is so all must go...
I actually think the media is handling it well. I didn't at first simply because they were beating it to death, but they have to report something and I guess they didn't have anything better to talk about just then. I'm sure there are Animals Rights groups using this as a tool, but for the most part I think it's working OK so far. Let's pray that there are no more cases, but think about it. The market prices I'm seeing are as good as they were before the incident occured. The media is for the most part only relaying what the Govt. is adimently saying. "There is no cause for alarm, our beef is safe. " I think consumers are accepting that. Good for us. When cases were found in other places it had very bad effects on their industry. SO FAR not ours. Thank the Boss upstairs for that one. :clap:
I saw a poll on Headline news yesterday that asked people if they were still going to eat beef and a vast majority of the people responded that they have not changed their eating habbits. I believe it was either 75% or 80%.
The positive scenes in the news and the furthering of positive information can pretty much be traced by the the beef association. This is just one of the visible to the public things done in the background that we've paid for.
Hooray for the beef check off!

What can I say? The MEDIA makes $$ off of exaggeration and sensationalism. Years ago I was misquoted by a supposed "decent" reporter...not a pleasant experience.

The media reporters and photographers have "deadlines" and to them "a cow is a cow" -- unfortunate they DID NOT use photos of HOLSTEINS when reporting on Mad Cow.

The reality of Mad Cow is so minute in affecting our BEEF grown in USA it's definitely not worth media sensationalism.

Bottomline--don't think most USA consumers are that worried and will still keep eating USA beef.

A Caveat: "Don't talk to reporters!"
Second Caveat: "Flood the media with CORRECT information!"

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