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You might try Farm Bureau or contact some horse showing folks and see who they use.

dunmovin farms

> Can anyone direct me to an
> insurance company that will write
> insurance on cattle that people
> hire us to show. Mostly liability
> I think. Thanks
Harding & Harding, Inc.specializes in livestock insurance for specified number of months based on value of animal. Show animals and sale animals in transit are often insured by them. When we have our annual female sale we offer their insurance for any where from 30 days to 1 year. <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>

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Contact Horse Insurance Specialists, Inc., in Pilot Point, TX. They have an excellent Farm and Ranch Policy and other forms of specialized coverages on a mix and match menu. Very reasonable rates! We have our horses insured for full mortality and major medical; our Longhorns are insured also. Their Site: <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>

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