Hurricane Ivan

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Apr 21, 2004
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Hurricane Ivan just got upgraded to a rare category 5 hurricane! WOW! Looks like Ivan is worse than Frances....... Ivan is heading for Cuba for its next stop..... Surely will not missed the buildings of Cuba (which are currently barely hanging for dear life).....would be happy if Castro got blown away far far far away.....out in the Atlantic Ocean......... Anyhoo...article on the latest on Ivan..... ... ivan_dc_67
They keep saying its going to turn north but I just don't see it happening.
Eventually it will have to go north then east.....all storms goes eastward...Some may go west, north or south for a while but eventually they have to turn eastward then die out (I am talkin about a whole storm front not just a tiny local storm). I'd never seen a hurricane goes south...if it did then its a cyclone. We live in the Northern Hemisphere so all things spins the southern hemisphere all things spin counterclockwise. we live on an interesting planet!

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