Hereford or Brahman?

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Oct 25, 2021
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I plan to be saving for a Reg. Hereford or Reg. Brahman. Which breed would be best for a start? Also, what are the best things to look for in a bull calf when selecting? And what to look for in a heifer calf? I am in 4-H but will age out soon, so to be able to still show, registered stock is needed. These are the two cattle breeds I plan to run in my life.
Thank you for any advice/information and help!
What breed will your cows be ? What is the market like in your area . Are you going to be a purebred breeder , a cow calf operation, or show calves ?
What breed will your cows be ? What is the market like in your area . Are you going to be a purebred breeder , a cow calf operation, or show calves ?
They will be pure Hereford and pure Brahma, two herds. The market, I'm not to sure about, plan to move to a bigger state where cattle are really big.
Yes, I plan to be a purebred breeder. Show calves mainly (will probably have some cheaper cattle for freezer). I want to provide kids with extremely nice calves to show, and on occasion, sell some for cheaper if they can't be afforded at the price being sold at.
If I was going to have Hereford I'd buy a Hereford bull to go on my Hereford cows . Same for the Brahma. Later I'd do some cross breeding. If you're in the south , Brahma do well in the heat . Colder climates I'd go with the Hereford. This has been discussed and cussed on here for a while but in my market it has to be black to bring the best prices. But I own 16-18 Hereford and Hereford cross cows that I cross on my purebred black angus bulls . Black baldies do well in my market . Good luck on your venture !
Heres another thought. If you want to produce calves for juniors good crossbreed will work buy the best you can afford. Find a breeder who will work with you. Plenty of heifer calves on club calf sales to get started.
If you're set on making two separate herds like you said and you come up on a slow show market, you can always make money crossing them as F1s like Warren said. Set of F1 heifers sold for $1,300 each near here last week or so.
With the plan of selling show calves to youth I'd say Hereford would be a good way to go. It seems like that is the direction that the polled Hereford breeders are going.
Have to also consider what others are using in the area for sales other than the show calves. You'll need a marketing plan for the other calves. Hereford bulls are pretty marketable for folks wanting to crossbreed. If you're going to be in an area where Brahman influence is needed then there is probably no better cross the Hereford x Brahman. So that should provide and outlet to sell Brahman cattle and some crosses if you decide to go that route at some point.
Look up the American Brahman Breeders Association website. They have a certification program for the F1 crosses.

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