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Sold a 6 year old Hereford last night- good shape just fell behind from fall calving to spring (only reason I sold her) weighed 1300 and was at 101.92 a pound. She was in the highest price per pound on cattle with average dressing- 10 total cows, weight:1105-1450 Avg Weight:1234 Price range 92.50-102.00 Price Avg:96.91 Average Dressing. Though the ones ahead of her with the high dressing were indeed black cattle. I though she looked as good they did with high dressing but they were all black cattle. 104-110 a pound for the high dressing black cattle. I think it goes to show if she was a black Hereford she would have sold for more.
I wonder if there is much unbiased information anecdotal or otherwise on how present day Herefords, Charolais, perform in feedlots and in the rail.
I've heard all the stories about how Hereford will put in 2 inches of back fat and still not marble ( at least that's what sone Angus breeders say).
That has not been our experience,

Not my experience either. My Herefords have dressed indistinguishably from Angus. In fact it's surprising to me how the two breeds can be so similar once the hide is removed.

We did have one Hereford steer that did have quite a bit of excess fat,

Just as we've had Angus that couldn't stop accumulating excess fat. I've had more overly fat Angus than any other breed. I don't necessarily see that as a disadvantage since I've tended to process early and sell baby beef more that finishing at more age and weight.

My suspicion is that just like Angus genetics have changed over the decades that other breeds have changed as well and we may still be working with a model based on long ago experiences that are still stereotyped to this day, when it comes to the mainstream breeds.

Makes sense to me...

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