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Jun 25, 2016
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My group of heifers have been rotated with poly wire and a parmak 12v that hooks to a 12v battery with a separate solar panel. I have one out of 9 that goes right under the polywire with no effect the other 8 won't go near it. I have a cheap light tester and it goes up to 7k volts and I am getting the max. So I bought over 2k feet of turbowire and a geared reel and moved them and added another ground rod and the heifer still goes under with no change. What am I missing? Please help the wire literally just runs down her back and she doesn't even flinch and no I haven't touched the wire and can't find anyone else to volunteer.

I am probably using 800 feet in this run, nothing touching the wire and the wire is held up with pigtail posts and I am using galvanized steel rods.
I had one really lovely heifer that I bought at a production sale. Broke my heart (and hurt my wallet) but she was the same way. Ended up hauling her to the salebarn. Even 12 gauge solid wire that was reading 8.9k volts didn;t affect her. Had a steer a few years ago that was the same way. He acted like he enjoyed hearing the snap and crackle as the wire passed over his spine.
Yes even after a rain and she's soaked I hear it cracking on her and she doesn't respond.I thought the overpriced turbo wire was the ticket and now I feel like a fool. I guess there is no fixing it other than getting rid of her.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has experienced this. On the plus side the others do not follow her lead at all.
If it were me I'd add another steel/real wire 6" below the poly wire and hook up a really hot charger ( 12 joule) and light her up.
If that didn't hot wire break her then she'd be gone
You don't have to grab it to test it just get a long stem of greenish grass and hold it on the wire well away and place the other hand on the ground to make the earth and then work the grass up so wire gets closer to your hand and you will just star to feel tingling when about 3-4" from your hand but depends how juicy the stem is and how moist the ground. If you start well away and work up you won't get a big shock.

I've seen a person or 2 over the years that can grab onto hot wire and hold it as if they're not affected by it at all either. No idea why, but some can just live with it.

And if its half way moist conditions, you don't even need to touch the ground with the grass trick, you can still feel it, just standing there.
Shave her back. The hair seems to prevent the full effect for some. Get a set of clippers and take her entire top line down to the skin. You want her skin to contact the wire directly. It worked for us, the one time I had one slip under wire. After we clipped her down, she got zapped and never tried it again.
msplmtneer":3tgmiipj said:
I knew that could check the fuse box by screwing out a fuse and sticking his finger in the socket also he could wire a house with the power on. :tiphat:
I knew someone that did that....once.
boondocks":1gejkqvp said:
So, you're saying you have a masochistic cow?

Yes. I had one that would step over the single wire and then look back for his herd mates. He would just twitch every time the energizer pulsed. :cboy:

Standard advise is 5,000 V minimum. Varies a bit with how hungry they are.
With a strong energizer and a long fence -- you can still have high voltage on one end and with a short on the other. Need a smart tester w/ amps indicated.
Lowering the single wire sometimes works with young stock that go under. There are more unders than overs in the cattle world. After that they get on the trailer.
My answer is a bigger energizer. Or maybe a neighbor has one that you could borrow for a short time. I am thinking the 36 or 63 joule monster energizers, in a small pen. If that doesn't teach them to obey, then nothing will.
I've been zapped and good wearing rubber boots!

I think shaving the back and neck is a great, cheap start.. and yes, check the grounds... grounding the fencer right is often the difference between a hot line and just a warm one
Before you go to the added expense of another charger,try this.Add another wire halfway to the ground and do not connect it to the charger.Instead connect it to a good ground.Maybe your soil is too dry to transfer the shock back to the ground system or the ground system still isn't quite enough.Or go ahead and charge both wires if you think the ground is working.
According to Par Mak's website,the model you have should put out the same joules as a ParMak 12v solar.
Should you decide to get another charger and have AC available, an SE 5 or Mark 8 would light her up provided the ground is sufficent.

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